Tembe Elephant Park - the world's biggest elephants

Real luxury en-suite tented accommodation.

The Tembe Elephant Park offers the best of both worlds - the magnificence of african elephants combined with the personal touch and top-class service.

A thatch-sheltered splash pool, and open barbeque complete the picture.

Tembe offers the largest elephants in the world, black and white rhinos (more than 65 in total), buffalo, leopard, hippo, serval, eland, zebra, giraffe, hyena, jackal, wildebeest, nyala, kudu, waterbuck, reed buck, red duiker, warthog, and other small mammals thrive in abundance in this 190 sq.mi. park on the South African / Mozambique border.

A birdwatchers paradise

Tembe is a bird-watcher's paradise, with more than 340 species recorded in the park - including the rare Rudd's apalis, the rufous-bellied night heron, the Natal nightjar and the Woodward's batis.

Enjoy tasty meals under the stars at Tembe

Enjoy tasty meals under the stars - and the dancing flames of the camp fire in the African bush. The name Tembe speaks of untamed Africa - where nature still holds sway and life beats to the ancient rhythms of a timeless continent. This is the Africa of the Tembe african elephants, where the real Africa of the wild begins.

Experience spectacular viewing of Elephants

Awe-inspiring African elephants

The magnificent african elephants, more than 150 in number - from massive full-grown adults to baby elephants - make for spectacular viewing. Signs of their presence are everywhere -broken branches and foliage left behind from their voracious foraging. Semi-processed vegetation, in the form of piles of elephant dung, serve as feeding and breeding grounds for dozens of species of dung beetles that recycle the piles of elephant 'droppings'.

Tembe's mosaic of sand forest, woodland, grassland, and swampland, comprises an ideal habitat for highly-visible african elephant spotting, enabling them to be observed at close-quarters from game-drive vehicles or from the discreetly-located hides which overlook their watering holes.

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